Master Your Vibration

What does this mean?

Hi, and welcome to the Master Your Vibration newsletter. You may be wondering what it means to master your vibration. The idea behind it is that everything is energy. Energy is vibration. Therefore, everything is vibration. We all have a vibration, a frequency. It is the sum of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. We master our vibration by taking care of our bodies, getting in right relationship with our emotions, having an empowered and positive mindset and knowing who we are in relation to the Universe.

Through this newsletter, I will share with you information related to mastering one’s vibration that I find interesting and powerful. I will share ...

  • Techniques for using the voice, sound and vibration for self care and for the spiritual journey

  • Diets, supplements and herbs

  • Daily practices to include breathing exercises, vocal toning, yoga stretches and meditations

  • and more

I want this newsletter to facilitate two-way conversations. I want to learn from you! So look out for the Comment button at the bottom of posts.

Wishing you the best!