The Fantastic Fungi Movie

Hi! I recently watched the Fantastic Fungi movie and am suddenly interested in learning more about mushrooms, fungi, etc. Surprising to me, fungi has uses beyond health. However, my main interest at this time is on the health benefits of fungi.

Did you know that Turkey Tail Mushroom is a great immune booster and helps people with cancer? I’ve been taking a mushroom supplement for a while now but didn’t fully appreciate the health benefits of fungi until now.

I take one or two servings a day of MUD\WTR. It’s a coffee alternative. Note that each serving contains 15mg of caffeine. It contains Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Lions Mane and other non-mushroom ingredients.

Look these mushrooms up. If you saw them in the forest, would you think of consuming them? Probably not! :-)

I may take this online mushrooms course.